What’s up??

As you can see, I am keeping the web site for The Dang-Its open for business despite the fact that the band has entered something of a hiatus period. After performing for 25 years as a band, The Dang-Its has been the closest thing to a “brand” that I have, and I think keeping the site active does me no harm.


My calendar listings have always included the side projects I continue to nurture along with  listings for The Honey Pies, my other active band and current passion. That will continue, so if you are inclined to check out my musical activities, they will all be listed on this site, and I hope you’ll stop back in.


For now, I want to say thank you to the many hundreds of friends and fans who’ve patronized our shows for so long.  I also want to recognize just a few of the musicians who helped me make music for those 25 years. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with so many talented folks. So, a heartfelt thank you, in no particular order, to:


Rick Nass; Steel guitarist, co-founder of the band, and dear friend.

Jami Lampkins; Vocalist, banjo player, and guitarist, who was an amazing partner during the band’s busiest, most creative, and arguably the most fun stretch of time.

Matt Rodgers; Bassist and collaborator in The Dang-Its, The Honey Pies, and side projects, as well as a stint together in Harmonious Wail.

Ruthie McQuinn; violin and vocals. A consummate pro and one of my favorite singing partners.

Mark Luhring: A great drummer and solid band mate.

Sheila Voss; Vocalist, guitarist, and banjo player. A joy to work with, Sheila did a lot to nudge me towards more traditional strains of Americana.

Kristy Larson; Vocalist extraordinaire, co-founder of the band and singer who can deliver a torch song like few others.

Pete Olig; Bassist and just about the best bandmate one could ask for. Pete has total command of his instrument, sports encyclopedic technical knowledge, and pitched in unfailingly with whatever backstage tasks were at hand.


I continue to value all these and others as friends and will always recognize how they helped me live my dream as a musician.



From our holiday show promo (image by Rick Nass)

Ruthie, with a bottle of Ruthie