Tom Waselchuk Winter Trio

Most bands change over time. In the past few years I’ve opted to perform in more listener-friendly clubs with smaller (and quieter) ensembles.  I’ve featured a quartet for most outdoor summer concerts and use a trio format in some of the more intimate indoor venues. This trend will continue. In 2021 I worked hard to arrange and present new music with a group under my own name (a first for me in my career). The Tom Waselchuk Winter Trio was an experiment that worked and one which I am expanding upon. The WT featured Matt Rodgers (bass and vocals) and the Jon Vriesacker (violin and vocals).  That first incarnation of the group was intended to be a finite project, and it was, but the several shows we did  were wonderful and personally rewarding (artistically speaking!), and I am taking steps now to make the the Winter Trio a regular, ongoing project. The music shares a lot with what’s evolved over the years as the current repertoire of The Dang-Its, but I’ve added a lot of my favorite music which, for one reason or another, just never seemed right for The Dang-It’s. The Winter Trio repertoire is more lyric-oriented, but also includes more instrumental pieces, folk and jazz based, I suppose, with highly improvisational elements.


I’m thrilled to welcome long-time collaborator Ruthie McQuinn to join Matt and me as we develop this project. Ruthie is a skilled and lyrical violinist, a stunningly beautiful singer, a fun stage partner, and all-around wonderful friend.