Tom Waselchuk w/ The Bindelstiffs

Feb 10
7:00 pm

Crossroads Coffee House

Q & A

Q. Who are the Bindelstiffs?

A. Randall Harrison, violin and vocals; Johnny Widdicome, bass and vocals; Doug Brown, guitar, banjo, and vocals; and Tom Waselchuk, guitar and vocals. All old friends with many, many years of experience.

Q. What the heck is a bindelstiff?

A. Bindelstiff is old slang for a hobo, or the cloth sack in which a hobo carries his worldly possessions.

Q. Is this a real band?

A. Yes and No. The Bindelstiffs perform about four times a year. Each player brings to one rehearsal five songs  which we learn and arrange. Originals, favorites, covers, old, new, any style…it doesn’t matter. Additionally, each prepares and performs a solo number. Typically only 3 or 4 songs will be repeated from show to show, so every show is a completely unique presentation. So, Yes, The Bindelstiffs is a real band.

Q. Why can’t I find more about The Bindlestiffs on line?

A. Because where that kind of time, effort and expense are concerned, No, we’re not a real band. More of a well-kept secret.

Q. If I wanted to hire the Bindlestiffs for a highly lucrative event, would they be amenable.

A. Uh….yeah!