New Album! A Lick of Sense

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The Band

Tom WaselchukTom Waselchuk: guitar & vocals. Tom founded The Dang-Its in 1998 as an outlet for his love of country music. His previous work includes co-founding and playing bluegrass with The Stone Oak Band (1979-1981), jazz with The Full Count Jazz Band (1985-1992), country and variety with Marcy & The Highlights and Cris Plata & Extra Hot, and gypsy swing with the national touring group Harmonious Wail (2001-2011).




jami Lampkins

Jami Lampkins: guitar, banjo & vocals. Jami started out in the music business at age twelve with The Lampkins Family Band in Las Vegas. After a move to Nashville Jami lent her talents to several bands and found a friend and mentor in the great country artist and producer Gail Davies, with whom she performed at the Grand Ole Opry. Before leaving Nashville for Madison in 2008 she placed eleventh in USA Network’s “Nashville Star” talent contest.




Rick Nass


Rick Nass: pedal steel guitar, & dobro. Rick co-founded The Dang-Its after years of work with Southern Wisconsin’s most celebrated country bands, including Lickety Split, Rosebud, and Crossfire. His versatile "synth" steel setup extends the band’s instrumental range; besides playing straight-ahead steel guitar, Rick is able to convincingly mimic many other instruments, from piano and French horn to harmonica and accordion.

Mark Luhring

Mark Luhring: drums & vocals. Marks owns a bachelors degree in music from the University of Wisconsin and has played many styles of music including orchestral and big band, Broadway musicals, new wave, top 40, jazz, Cajun and country. The Dang-Its’ wide range of styles rests squarely on Mark’s mastery of multiple styles.



Pete Olig





Pete Olig: electric & upright bass, vocals. Pete has performed with a multitude of bands in the Madison area in just about every genre you can name: calypso, rock, bluegrass, blues, country, folk, jazz and others. When not working with The Dang-Its, Pete is a “first-call” bassist for many area groups. Together he and Mark comprise a solid rhythm section that allows The Dang-Its' music to reflect a very diverse set of influences.