Tom Waselchuk & Friends

Tom Waselchuk, band-leader, The Dang-Its

Tom Waselchuk & Friends

You’ve perhaps noticed that this web site, or the calendar section at least, has expanded to include performance information for several side projects with which I am involved. Of course I continue to publicize dates for our Sweet Dreams & Honky Honks revue and invite you to visit that show’s dedicated web site I’ve got several other projects going too, which are either too new, ephemeral, or just permanently low key enough to not warrant the time and expense of individual web sites, or even facebook pages, for that matter. Yet I believe that our friends who have enjoyed The Dang-Its’ work over these many years will also enjoy these other flavors of Americana, swing, blues, folk, and jazz collaborations, an so I will continue to publicize them on The Dang-Its web site and in our email Newsletter. I’m very blessed to be able to perform such a wide variety of music with such an amazing cast of brilliant musicians. I just thought I’d explain the widening focus that’s been evident for the past few months.

 We’re closing in on our 20th year as a band, and as long as my fingers can pick a guitar and my voice remains marginally more melodious than a bullfrog infested swamp, The Dang-Its will continue. Watch for us, and watch for one of my extra-curricular activities as well.


Tom Waselchuk